Breast surgery

Breast surgery

Having a beautiful body plays a very important role in increasing self-confidence of people. Today, having a beautiful body has become very important for women, and one of its factors is having well-shaped and desired-sized breasts, and this leads many people to breast surgery. If you are one of the women who are not satisfied with the shape of your breasts, don’t worry, because you can achieve the beauty you want at Dr. Khushnawaz Clinic.

What is the importance of breast surgery?

The image each person has of his body will have a direct relationship with his self-confidence. In other words, the more a person is satisfied with the appearance of his body, the more self-confidence he will have. Part of the beauty of women’s bodies depends on the shape of their breasts. Having well-shaped, firm and big breasts is the desire of many women, that’s why many women have concerns in this field. But there is no need to worry. We help you in all areas related to breast surgery to achieve a beautiful and ideal body. In the following, we will deal with the types of breast surgery performed by Dr. Rasul Khoshnawaz.

What are the most important types of breast surgery?

You can solve any need and request you have in the field of breast surgery and its beauty by visiting Dr. Khoshnawaz’s clinic. With our skills and experience, we can make a big contribution in increasing your self-confidence. The most important types of breast surgery are:

  • Mastopexy breast lift
  • Mammoplasty breast
  • reduction
  • Prosthesis breast
  • prosthesis
  • Breast cancer

In the following, we will examine each of these cases.

What does breast lift mean?

Due to various reasons such as aging, breastfeeding, fluctuations and changes in weight, etc., many women suffer from sagging breasts and this issue becomes a factor for their dissatisfaction. In this situation, we at Dr. Khoshnawaz clinic try to improve the situation by performing special surgeries called breast lift. The surgery and operation that is performed to raise the breast, so that the breasts and nipples are in a better position, is called Mastopexy lift surgery or breast lifting.

How to perform a breast lift

Mastopexy or breast lift is performed by removing and removing excess skin and tightening the breast tissue. In this case, the shape of the breasts will change and become upward. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your breasts, you can give your breasts a more beautiful and youthful appearance by performing a breast lift at Dr. Khoshnawaz’s clinic.

Before performing a breast lift, pay attention to the following points.

Before doing a breast lift, you should note that women who are older than 18 years are suitable for breast lift surgery, because the breasts must have completed their growth and due to conditions and factors such as pregnancy, breast-feeding, weight changes, gravity, etc. have suffered breast sagging. It is better to perform this operation when the person is sure that he does not want to get pregnant and there is no need to go through the breastfeeding period. In this situation, you can regain the beauty of your body by performing a breast lift by Dr. Rasool Khushnawaz.

How many days does the breast lift recovery period take?

The recovery period after breast lift takes about 6 weeks to several months. But passing this period will be different for each person and depends on various factors such as age, amount of incision and surgery, physical condition and health of the person, etc.

What are the necessary and important measures after a breast lift?

After you have done a breast lift, you should pay attention to a series of important tips and actions.

  • You should not take a bath until 2 days after the breast lift surgery. After that, it is better to ask someone for help.
  • When resting and sleeping, your head and upper body should be slightly higher than your body so as not to put pressure on the breast wound.
  • Do not use bathtubs or swimming pools for 4 to 6 weeks after surgery.
  • You should check the wounds regularly and daily, and if there is an infection, gently remove its effects with the help of a sanitary napkin.
  • Do not sunbathe and be exposed to the sun for a year.
  • Use medical bras for up to 6 weeks and don’t forget to use bras without springs or wires.
  • Never manipulate the wound site.
  • 2 weeks after breast lift surgery, you can use sports bras with the doctor’s opinion.

What is breast reduction or Mammoplasty?

If we want to check in scientific terms, all breast surgeries are called Mamoplasty. But breast reduction is also considered part of this case and is known as Mamoplasty. Some women suffer from the size of their breasts and suffer from problems such as neck pain, numbness of fingers, etc. If you are one of these people and you are looking for a solution to your problem, Dr. Khoshnawaz Clinic is a safe and excellent choice.

In this method, by removing excess fat and some of the tissue and skin of the breast, the volume of your breasts will be reduced to eliminate the problems and troubles you have experienced. Of course, with the help of this method, men who have large breasts can be helped to get a more beautiful appearance.

Who is mammoplasty suitable for?

Mammoplasty surgery is suitable for women who have very large breasts and are dissatisfied with their appearance. Some people suffer from other problems, such as neck pain, because of their large breasts, and they cannot do normal activities such as some sports, and this problem hurts them. Breast asymmetry is also one of the problems of some women. In this situation, mammoplasty is suitable for these people. Dr. Rasool Khushnawaz has come to help these loved ones with various breast surgery methods, including mammoplasty, to give them more beauty and self-confidence.

What measures should be taken before mammoplasty surgery?

  • Detailed and complete examination of the breasts
  • Mammography and breast imaging
  • Paying attention to the patient’s medical history, medications and drug sensitivities
  • Examining the physical condition and health of the patient
  • Attention to the person’s expectations of the appearance of the breasts after surgery
  • Attention to the patient’s lifestyle
  • Conduct the necessary tests
  • Not smoking for a few weeks before surgery and a few weeks after
  • Food restrictions and abstinence of the patient the night before breast surgery
  • Discontinuation of medications such as aspirin, anti-inflammatory, non-steroid, herbal
  • supplements to control bleeding after surgery.

What is the importance of sleeping after reduction mammoplasty?

After the breast reduction surgery is done, you should modify your sleeping habits for 3 weeks after that to avoid putting pressure on the breasts and get the desired result. In this surgery, you must sleep on your back and never on your sides or stomach. When you sleep, your head should be slightly higher than your body, so you should put some pillows under your head to prevent pain and swelling.

What care is needed after breast reduction surgery?

  • The use of painkillers under the supervision of a doctor to relieve mild pain after surgery
  • Using ice compresses for the first 3 days after surgery and then using warm compresses in order to remove bruises and swelling.
  • Avoid heavy activities for a few weeks after surgery
  • Having light activities such as walking under the doctor’s
  • supervision to prevent blood clots in the legs
  • Removing salt and
  • spicy spices to reduce swelling
  • Use of foods containing vitamin C and omega-3
  • Using a special mammoplasty bra except during sleep
  • Stop smoking and drinking alcohol until some time after surgery
  • Not bathing for 2 days after surgery
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What is breast prosthesis or Prosthesis?

Another breast surgery that is performed at Dr. Khoshnawaz’s clinic is breast prosthesis or Prosthesis. Some women complain that their breasts are small or asymmetrical and look for different ways to make them bigger. You can achieve the desired shape of your breasts with breast prosthesis surgery by Dr. Rasul Khoshnavaz. In this method, a material called a prosthesis is placed on the chest muscles inside the breasts and causes the breasts to become larger, more prominent, and better shaped.

Who is suitable for breast implants?

Breast prosthesis method for women who have lost part of their breasts due to cancer and some diseases, have small breasts, genetically have one breast, suffer from breast asymmetry, or due to pregnancy Breastfeeding and aging have lost the beauty of their breasts, it is a very practical method and makes them beautiful and shapely. All these items are provided by Dr. Rasool Khoshnawaz for you dear ones.

What are the necessary points before doing breast prosthesis?

  • Performing the necessary tests and imaging
  • Choosing the right prosthesis with the desired form of the patient under the supervision of the doctor
  • Preparation of medical bra
  • Fasting for 8 hours before surgery
  • Examining the patient’s health status and drug consumption
  • Note that many breast prostheses need to be replaced after 10 years.
  • If the necessary points are neglected, there is a possibility of damage and rupture of the prostheses, which causes infection and pain.
  • There is a possibility of disrupting the breastfeeding process.
  • Necessary and important care after breast prosthesis
  • Accurate use of prescribed medications
  • Use of liquids and fruits and vegetables
  • Not bathing for 2 days after surgery and after this period should be done under the supervision of a doctor.
  • Avoiding sports and heavy activities until some time after surgery
  • Walking during the day to prevent blood clots in the legs
  • Pay attention to the correct way to sleep and consult a doctor in this regard
  • Use of medical bras up to 3 months after surgery
  • Regular examination of the breasts and seeing a doctor if abnormal symptoms are observed

Is there a possibility of tearing the breast prosthesis?

Breast prostheses that are made of silicone have several outer protective layers and an adhesive content. Due to the advancement of technology and the increase in the quality of breast prostheses, the possibility of their tearing and bursting has been reduced to a great extent compared to the past. This is why we say that in choosing the best type of breast prosthesis, be sure to pay attention to Dr. Khoshnawaz’s recommendations so that no danger threatens you after the surgery.

Breast cancer surgery

Women who have breast cancer have to remove a part of their breast according to the expert doctor’s opinion or get help from other special methods. At Dr. Khoshnawaz’s clinic, surgeries related to breast cancer are also performed with the highest level of quality. According to the condition of the patient and the progress of the disease, a part of the breast or the entire breast tissue is removed to restore the patient’s health. According to his experience in this field, Dr. Rasool Khushnawaz tries to perform breast cancer surgery as much as possible while preserving the breast, and after the surgery and the patient’s recovery, other operations such as breast reconstruction are performed, in addition to Health, self-confidence of the patient will return.

What are the types of incisions in breast surgery?

In different breast surgeries, there are different ways to cut this area. The selection of each of these incisions and techniques is based on Dr. Rasool’s opinion and the patient’s needs. In the following, we mention the most important incisions and techniques in breast surgery.

Make an incision under the breast

One of the breast surgery techniques is performed by making an incision under the breast. This method gives the surgeon a lot of access and since the incision line is placed under the breast, the lines will not be visible.

Making a peri-areola incision

People who want to get rid of sagging breasts and make them bigger at the same time, cutting around the breast halo can be a good choice. The best method for breast lift and prosthesis is to perform the same cut and technique.

Making a cut from the navel

In the method of cutting from the navel, the doctor makes a small incision above the navel and directs the breast prosthesis upwards, as a result, there will be no unpleasant changes in the appearance of the breast. Of course, doing this method is rarely done.

With his experience and skill in the field of breast surgery, Dr. Rasool Khoshnawaz chooses one of the best methods and techniques of breast surgery for the individual by examining the patient’s condition in order to achieve the best result. In this situation, the most important point is to trust the specialist doctor.

What are the necessary cares before and after breast cancer surgery?

  • After you have performed breast cancer surgery at Dr. Khoshnawaz Clinic, you should pay attention to a series of precautions and tips to get the best results.
  • Before breast cancer surgery, you must do a series of tests, imaging, mammography, etc.
  • Now, due to the situation, you have to give up smoking and alcohol.
  • The doctor will check your physical condition and the consumption of food and medicine.
  • You can take a bath for 1 to 2 days after the surgery and never go to the bathroom before this time.
  • How you sleep in this situation is very important. It is better to sleep with an open arch and put some pillows under your head because the head should be higher than the body.
  • Never rub or squeeze your breasts.
  • For a few days after surgery, you should eat light food without salt and spices, fruits and vegetables.
  • Do not lift heavy objects for 7 days after breast surgery. Do this with caution after this period.
  • Do not take any painkillers without a doctor’s prescription.
  • Avoid driving if you have difficulty moving your arms and hands.
  • Normally, the recovery period for breast surgery is up to 6 weeks.
  • A few days after breast surgery, you should perform a series of shoulder exercises under the supervision of a doctor to prevent the joints from drying out in this area.

How much does breast surgery cost?

The cost of breast surgery depends on various factors. The type of breast surgery, the cost of pre-surgery tests, the cost of the operating room, etc. all affect the price of breast surgery. For this reason, to get more detailed information, it is better to contact Dr. Khoshnawaz’s clinic and get the necessary advice from the relevant experts.

At Dr. Khoshnawaz’s clinic, you can achieve an ideal and beautiful body and regain beauty and self-confidence. In this situation, hope for life will sprout again in you.

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